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TOCICI is your solution for best-in-class business support and hosting services, we help you accomplish goals, by ensuring your information systems run smoothly, securely, and continually.


Under the iSysMon branding, we supply comprehensive Information Systems Monitoring and Auditing. Enabling continuous operation of critical systems, and supplying the tools to understand when and why failures occur.

Whether you host a VPS or dedicated server with us, or simply want to more closely monitor existing infrastructure hosted elsewhere, we have the solution.

Your systems are monitored accross multi-homed network connections, from North American east and west coast datacenters.


Monitoring has three main parts; service, frequency & notifications. We cover the finer details within our ProFOSS plans.

Services include anything from ICMP pings, confirming email/web/database service responses, temperature/environment checks, and trending switch/router traffic.

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